Introducing Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith for the iPad, Kindle & Nook

[A]fter two and a half years of working with 21 artists, I’m very happy to announce the official launch of our dynamic new video ebook optimized for the iPad, Kindle & Nook. It’s called Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith. Create offers essays, artwork and video from 21 artists. Yes, 21 artistic points of view. My design team and I think it’s a compelling product worth your attention. If you have a love for story, art and a desire to see the arts flourish in the Church for this world, I think you’re really going to enjoy Create. For many years, I had this idea stuck in the back of my head, “How could we help and inspire artists who were struggling in their creative lives by offering hope and perspective through the stories of other artists? As artists, how could all of us better learn to integrate our art, life and faith? What if there was a good book or tool just to nudge us all a bit further down the path?”  So after six REJECTIONS from publishers, I could have easily thrown in the towel and said to myself…

“Phooey! This is all too much work!” Yes, creating Create was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it because even though traditional publishers didn’t accept it, we found a better tool to create an even better product than we ever imagined! Out of over 500 ebooks created on the new Vook platform, we were honored to win the Best Design Award. My creative team of Nikki Augustson, David Meacham and I have produced what we believe is a very useful and inspirational tool that will spur you on in your creative journey. Optimized for the iPad, Kindle and Nook, you will discover that Create is a beautiful and dynamic ebook book experience.

After Scott Sample, the founding partner and executive creative director of Initio Advertising, poured over Create, here’s what he had to say…

This is a work that captivates and inspires. I had a hard time putting it down, but what was more important is that I couldn’t get through a chapter without needing to take pause and do some serious reflecting. I think that we as a culture have really lost the unique aspect of how artists create messages that ride below the skin, and this interactive book brings this to life. It has a brilliant crafting of various perspectives and a wide array of artists, from visual, performance, and literary. I know a book has legs when you want to spread it around and set up coffee dates to dig into it with other people. It isn’t a book for just artists but for everyone who works from the ground floor of inspiration.

Here’s a peek what’s inside Create

First, you will find wonderful personal stories told by prominent artists and the leaders of several nationwide arts ministries. You will read these artists highs and lows about their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.  Create brings together visual artists, dancers, illustrators, graphic designers, filmmakers, musicians, writers, poets and Broadway actors from across the country. Each artist shares how they began their artistic journey and how they discovered their God-given creative gifts.

Our Create contributors include:

Next, you’ll find stunning visual artwork made by Wayne Forte, Bruce Herman, Barry Krammes, Sandra Bowden, Tom Clark, Edward Knippers, Steve Bjorkman, and Cameron Anderson. Here is Hats by Wayne Forte.

Last, not only will you find dozens of interactive art links, you’ll also be able to enjoy embedded artist videos in Create. (No need for a WiFi connection).

Click here to watch The Veracity Project’s funny, yet very truthful Big But.

I could go on and on about what I love about Create, but you’ll have to experience it for yourself. I hope you’ll download a copy today because when you do, not only will you be encouraged in your creative journey, you’ll also be supporting the ministry of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media (100% of all Create proceeds go for artist scholarships by The Grove).

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Questions: Who have you looked to for creative inspiration in your work? How can we best encourage one another in our creative callings…especially when the going gets rough?

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