I’m on Vacation: Take a Mini-Vacation Yourself!

I’ll be on vacation this week with my best friend and wife, Krista. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ll be posting again when I return in a week or so. For now, are you in need of a mini-vacation? I have a few ideas that just might help…

What can you do to get some rest? Stimulate your creativity? What energizes you? What spiritual activities help renew you? What friend(s) do you need to meet for coffee or a good meal? Or, do you simply need to rent a good ol’ comedy for a buck and have a good laugh? Laughter is good for the soul! What about a long, hot bath with a good book? What activity fills your spirit like walking, exercise, or gardening that you just haven’t done in awhile? I’d love your input…mini-vacations bring the rest and new perspective we all need.

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  • http://www.randykinnick.com Randy Kinnick

    I’m energized by conversation with a friend over coffee or a meal. I’m relaxed by a walk with my wife on a beautiful day, or a massage after a good workout. I will be getting away to a cabin this Thursday for an overnight spiritual retreat. I like to do this about once a year to rejuvenate my spirit. Hope your vacation is a time of refueling for you.

  • http://www.joeyo.org Joey O’Connor

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for sharing what rejuvenates and energizes you. All of your ideas are so needed. You will be in my prayers as you go for your overnight retreat. Extended time alone with the Lord is so necessary in this fast-paced world. I was just reading St. John of the Cross “Dark Night of the Soul” today and I pray that you enjoy a deeper, loving union with God.

    And yes, our vacation was slow and relaxing. Thank you!