I Love Artists Who Go For It!

I love artists who go for it. Artists who go for it are people like Brian Swerdfeger, who overwhelmed me with inspiration today. Brian’s got guts and I want more of what he’s got. You see, Brian just doesn’t say he is an artist. He is practicing his artistry in a radical and bold way. He’s an inspiration for other artists to get out of their comfort zones and reach for challenging goals. Brian’s going for it in a big way. A professional musician, he was also the head of marketing at Taylor Guitar for many years. I ran into him at the NAMM show today in Anaheim and was so inspired by his story, I had to share it with you. Read on…


Just this past year, Brian took a huge leap of faith to pursue his dream of creating his own guitar company. He is now the owner and chief guitar design engineer of ToneLounge Guitar. As we talked about pursuing his dream of creating his own guitar company, that’s not the only story he had to share. Just two years ago, Brian and his wife adopted a special needs four year old orphan from Russia. And that was on top of caring for his oldest daughter the past six years who has struggled with a rare, debilitating virus.

Adoption and illness are reason enough for anyone to play it safe. Or shirk back. Keep the good company job. Stay in “control”. Not Brian.

Brian’s swinging for the bleachers. He has a huge faith in God and an inspiring belief in the gifts God has given him.

And why not? We’re made in the image of God. We’re made to create.

After years of promoting other people’s guitars, why wouldn’t Brian follow God’s leading for the two of them to starting making their own guitars? All this inspiration and creation, it’s hard to tell when God starts and Brian stops…and vice-versa. Isn’t this a reflection of what union with God is all about? 

I’m inspired. I hope you are too.

I don’t know who said it, but someone said, “The world is not served by you living small.” (Click here if you’d like to Tweet This.)

Whatever art you practice, don’t shirk back. Live large.

The world is waiting for your music. Go for it.

(If you know a guitar player, share this post with them and let them know about ToneLounge Guitars. We artists need to stick together!)

Question: Right now, where do you need to go for it?

I’d love your thoughts and feedback. Share in the Comments.

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  • AtR

    Today I needed to “go for it” because I’m trying to be selected as one of the artists who get to rent studio space that is being offered by the city that I live in, (in France). They are looking for artists who practice rare art forms. I am most developed as a painter, but I also have been doing calligraphy for many years. So I “went for it” and made my presentation (in French, of course) to the committee at the Mayor’s office that will be making their final selections. The way I see it and have prayed about it is if the Lord opens the door, I’ll walk through it. And if he does not open this door, I will pursue the other opportunities that I have to shine my light in this dark land.

    • http://www.joeyo.org/ Joey O’Connor

      Even if the door doesn’t open, it won’t be a setback in the fatal sense of the word. I’ve discovered that ‘setback’ is a human word, but as we know, God uses it all as part of the great tapestry He is weaving. There are hardships, obstacles, and seeming setbacks, but nothing that He won’t use for good because you love him.

      He honors bold steps of faith and I pray that this door is opened for you as your desire to serve other artists and the people of France is honorable. I have friends who are missionaries in France and you all are doing such an important work. Please let me know how it goes…I will pray God opens the door.

      • AtR

        Thanks Joey! the step forward is a “win win” because I dared to try. Even my missteps, sidesteps and other faux pas are part of the divine dance! amen 🙂

        • http://www.joeyo.org/ Joey O’Connor

          That’s absolutely right. You’re in the games. Not on the sidelines. Risking. Going for it. AND God is with you!

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