Creativity, Filmmaking & Mentoring (Free PDF)

What role does mentoring play in the life of an artist? How can an artist cultivate their creativity through an older, wiser mentor? How can artists improve their craft by pursuing a mentor? Whether its filmmaking, writing, music, dance, visual art, or any other art form, there are critically important links between creativity and mentoring in the life of an artist. A mentor can provide an aspiring artist the necessary wisdom and life experience to help navigate the unavoidable personal, professional, and spiritual challenges that emerge as one pursues their creative calling. Today, I want to share with you a great interview with Charlie Matz, Bub Kuns, and Ian Nelson with Veracity Colab about creativity, filmmaking and the role of mentoring from Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith. Read on…


David Meacham and I recently sat down with the guys from Veracity Colab, a dynamic team of young filmmakers and designers to talk about the role of creativity, mentoring, artistry and filmmaking in the Church.

Originally born out of the media ministry of Coast Hills Church in Aliso Viejo, California, Veracity Colab is now a fully integrated creative video agency focused on storytelling, filmmaking, graphic design, and branding.

Led by Charlie, Bub and Ian, the guys also lead The Veracity Project, which focuses on developing the creative talents and spiritual calling of young, upcoming creatives. We hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged by the important stories Charlie, Bub and Ian have to share.

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A few excerpts from the Creativity, Filmmaking, & Mentoring…

From Charlie Matz…

When I came out to California to be an intern with Bub Kuns at Coast Hills Church, I was angry because my thinking as a Christian and as a filmmaker was that you either succeed and work in Hollywood or you fail and you work in the Church. My whole goal was to get out of the church thing as fast as possible, so I can go be famous or successful, and then I’ll change the world. Bub helped me changed my attitude on that. When I came there, I was blown away because I never thought you could be a Christian artist and produce quality art within the Church.

From Bub Kuns…

I learned early on, as an artist and as a Christ follower, you have to learn how to define success. The world tells you it’s one thing. It’s materialism. It’s getting your name known. It’s ego. It’s getting to the top. But God defines success as faithfulness. He never says, “You’re successful with a little, therefore you’re going to be successful with a lot.”

From Ian Nelson…

As a Christian, we have to understand the power that comes in one or two words portrayed on social networks, which are art boards. They’re canvases. We’re painting it daily.

Questions: What role do you think mentoring plays in the life of an artist? Who has been a mentor of yours? How have they influenced your art and life?

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