Creative Funding for Artists from The Grove

Do you know artists who need help funding their next art project? Or art event? Or even their professional career development? For too many artists, ‘starving artist’ or ‘struggling artist’ isn’t a stereotype, but a daily reality. Limited access to finding grants, art funds, artistic foundation support and venture capital makes it extremely difficult for artists to fund their next movie, music CD, dance performance, theatre production or series of paintings.  Getting past the gatekeepers in the publishing, recording and film industries is the domain of the chosen few, but it no longer has to be that way…

For several months now, The Grove Center for the Arts & Media has been working on a simpler, more strategic way for artists to have access to the capital they need to create their work. I’m so excited to announce a dynamic new program called Creative Funding for Artists. We think it will be a game-changer for so many artists. Read on…

With a Creative Funding grant from The Grove, artists can now raise 501c3 tax-deductible donations to fund their next art project, event and career. They can even crowdfund the campaign on The Grove Indiegogo Partner Platform. There are so many benefits, so I’d like to invite you to watch this video, visit The Grove website, and see all the practical resources we’ve developed for artists. If you’re interested, you can even apply today.

Our Grove board of directors just approved two artists for Creative Funding grants: A documentary filmmaker from Oregon and a visual artist opening a gallery in Indiana. You’ll be hearing more about their stories in the days ahead. Maybe you could be the next?

We’re looking forward to matching our Creative Funding artists with art patrons who will generously support these new art projects with gifts large and small.

Just last night, Krista and I were at an art show last night hosted by a visual artist friend of ours. In speaking with a very talented ceramicist, her woodworking craftsman husband leaned in and shared a keen insight, “Art is not discretionary.”

He’s right! Art is mandatory… we think Creative Funding for Artists will advance the arts and enhance the lives of artists like never before.

Once you watch the video, I’d appreciate it if you shared it with others. It’s our privilege to help more artists thrive.

Question: How have you found it challenging to fund your art? What are the best ways you’ve discovered to fund your projects?

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  • andre_lefebvre

    Fascinating initiative, Joey! Yes, funding is a key for so many artists, there is just so much one can do with limited means. Just emailed you, I’ll share this with my wife too and will follow-up on this.

    • Joey O’Connor

      Thanks Andre and thank you again for your music! It’s wonderful. I hope we can help you out in some way. Thanks for sharing Creative Funding with your friends!