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If you’re an action-oriented artist interested in building your platform with a website, blog, Twitter and Facebook, if there is nothing else you do today, get on! If you “consistently create and curate valuable content,” you simply must see how Twylah can build your personal and creative brand. It is a rare find to discover a brilliant social media tool designed to enhance your SEO efforts and Google rankings. If you’ve read any of my previous posts that emphasize taking artists control, responsibility and action in their professional lives, then you know I favor working harder and smarter. Here’s how with Twylah… (Click on My Tweets and you’ll see my Twylah page in action.)

If you’re an artist, you’ve probably heard it said, “Don’t expect the world to come to you.”  Scratch that. The world just might start coming to you…if you use Twylah to maximize all your tweets to increase traffic to your website. Here’s what I love about Twylah:

  1. Twylah organizes all of your tweets in a series of beautiful pages that reflect you and your brand. No more getting lost in the Twitter stream. Everything you tweet about–film, videos, music, gallery showings, book signings, favorite websites–whatever creative things you enjoy, is laid out with large images and key words based upon what you tweet about most.
  2. Twylah finds, manages, and displays all your trending tweets by topic. Your focused content, which Google favors, increases your Google rankings making you and your content much easier to find. All my key words I write about (art, creativity, writing, faith, relationships, etc.) are now organized as topics on my Twylah page. For example, I recently tweeted about our new book cover for Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith and boom! The book cover is beautifully displayed on my Twylah page.
  3. In essence, Twylah creates a branded page for all of your tweets that integrates with your website or blog. See how I’m using Twylah on Art, Life & Faith.
  4. Twylah even has a special feature called the “Power Tweet.” The Power Tweet creates a specially branded page for that one tweet and it also links all your related tweets to that specially branded page. One writer called it “Tweeting on Steroids!”
  5. If you wanting amazing, I made this blog post an hour ago, then Power Tweeted it. It’s already been found, ranked, and posted by Google!
  6. Last, what is the most remarkable thing about Twyla are the creators behind it: Eric & Kelly Kim. I started using this service this past Monday and Kelly responded to my tweets right away. I wanted to get my Twylah page integrated into my blog asap and Eric helped me out lighting quick. I told them if every company had great customer service like this, there would be no recesssion!

So there you have it! My goal is to help you, the action-oriented artist, discover new tools to make your life a bit easier and to get your creative work out into the world. Don’t tell me you’re no good at marketing or promoting yourself. Twylah just made your life and mine a whole lot easier.

Question: What social media tools are you using that help promote your art? When you get on Twylah, circle back and tell me what you like about it!

I’d love your comments and questions.

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