Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, and the Universal Longing

Can you believe it? This book serendipitously arrived at my doorstep earlier this week sent by the author himself! I don’t know Christopher West, but I have been devouring his book. It has been a soul feast. A banquet of words encouraging me to develop deeper union with God.

This book is about desire. Holy desire created by God’s Design that leads to your ultimate Destiny.

Friends, Fill These Hearts is a remarkable book. One of the best books that I have ever read that probes deep questions in a story-based writing style that is accessible, compassionate, and thought-provoking.

Christopher West deftly takes on and teaches the core of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body that takes you on a journey “from the depths of human longing to the heights of eternal ecstasy with God.

I’m only halfway through now…but I have much more to say…to all of you who know that deep ache, longing and utter dissatisfaction with the fast-food superficial servings of this world, this book will fill your heart with the eternal things of God.

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Fill These Hearts is a book about desire.  Not trivial wants or superficial cravings, but the most vital powers of body and soul, sexuality and spirituality, that haunt us and compel us on our search for something.  Weaving life-altering lessons together from classical and contemporary art, pop music, movies, and the Christian mystical tradition, popular theologian Christopher West explores the ancient but largely forgotten idea that the restless, erotic yearnings we feel in both our bodies and our spirits reveal the cry of our hearts for God.  Along the way, West blows the lid off the idea of Christianity as a repressive, anti-sex religion by demonstrating that Christ came to stretch and inflame our desire for love and union to the point of infinity.

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