Becoming Who You Are

If you are interested in the integration of the contemplative and active life, the difference between the true self and the false self, and how a few of the greatest spiritual thinkers of the 20th. century reflected on these issues, then this is the book for you.

James Martin, SJ, shares his insights learned from the writings and spiritual journeys of Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, and Mother Teresa. Many of their books populate my bookshelf as I find myself returning again and again to their works. For those of you who are writers, you may like in particular the chapter, Writing the True Self.

Becoming Who You Are will encourage you to keep pursuing the life of faith, hope and love God has called you to.

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By meditating on personal examples from the author’s life, as well as reflecting on the inspirational life and writings of Thomas Merton, stories from the Gospels, as well as the lives of other holy men and women (among them, Henri Nouwen, Therese of Lisieux and Pope John XXIII) the reader will see how becoming who you are, and becoming the person that God created, is a simple path to happiness, peace of mind and even sanctity.

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