Artists & Marketing: Don’t Vote for Other People

I know many artists who say they’re terrible at marketing. How are you at selling your art? When it comes to marketing and selling your art, are you like many artists who would rather be dragged across broken glass? Marketing feels so “commercial.” Or egotistical. Or “beneath me.” Or above me…who would want to buy my art? Does trying to sell your art feel like taking your clothes off in public? Why subject yourself to rejection or people not understanding your art?

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All these myths, errant ideas, self-sabotaging beliefs create huge walls to professional and yes, financial success. As the author of twenty published books who has more rejection slips than acceptance letters (I keep a big thick file of ’em), I have one simple principle that can make a tremendous difference in your attitude about marketing. Read on…

When it comes to marketing and selling your art, don’t vote for others.
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If you’re serious about your craft and you really want to be a professional artist, short of inheriting millions, you need to get paid for what you create.

Enter marketing. You need to sell your art. That’s part of the profession.

Whether you are a writer, photographer, visual artist, dancer, filmmaker, composer, poet, actor, musician or singer, if you want to pursue your profession, you need to discover the special marketing cocktail that works for you.

What is the unique blend of beliefs and practices you invest in on a regular basis that puts your work into the marketplace?

Before you go out and do anything, ask yourself, “Do I vote for others? Do I receive a ‘no’ because fear holds me back?”

How do you vote for others? Have you ever said to yourself…

That person will never want to see my art.

I could never get an appointment with that gallery director.

That producer would never give me the time of day.

The creative director will never return my phone call.

Who would want to buy my book? Or painting? Or CD?

If you vote for other people, you will never pick up the phone. Or send that proposal. Or make that appointment. Or audition.

And the answer will always be no.

Questions: How do you vote for other people? What’s holding you back from getting your art in the marketplace? What one action step are you resisting?

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