Art, Life & Faith with Wayne Forte

I’d like to introduce you to Wayne Forte, an incredible fine artist and a remarkable man with a keen vision for the role of art in the Church. Without a doubt, Wayne is one of the most gifted fine artists I know. Wayne has the unique ability to integrate profound biblical understanding into compelling visual works of art. In this interview, Wayne speaks about…

  • The life of an artist.
  • The role of art in the Church.
  • The importance of Christian community for artists.


Wayne has been a good friend for many years and he has many important things to say for artists young and old. You’ve seen many of Wayne’s paintings here on the Art, Life and Faith blog. Now I’d like you to hear Wayne speak for himself. I hope you enjoy this interview.

I’d love your comments and feedback.

Questions: What did Wayne say that you found most helpful? Most thought-provoking? Most challenging? As an artist, how do you integrate your life, art and faith?

If you’d like to purchase this video to show within your artist fellowship or church, you can do so at Worship House Media.

This video was featured in the With One Voice: Artists in Christian Community DVD. Available online at The Grove Center for the Arts & Media.

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