Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #4: What would you say to an artist struggling with a project?

[W]elcome to the Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #4. How many artists do you know that are stuck and struggling? What would you say to an artist struggling with a project? Maybe you’re one of them? I’m interested in knowing how you get out of a creative funk and how you would help another artist? What do you do when the words on the page are a garbled mess? What happens when you can’t nail that dance move? How do you dig deep when it’s Take #19 after you’ve flubbed Takes #1-18? What happens in your spirit when that plein air painting is more of a mix between Jackson Pollock and Picasso?  Read on…


What would you say to an artist
struggling with a project?

What have you learned when you’re wrestling with a work? What led to a breakthrough? What is the best encouragement someone has ever offered you? How have you helped others with their creative challenges?

I’d love your comments.


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  • techne

    simply this: keep working.

    • Joey O’Connor

      I couldn’t agree more. And for me, inspiration comes when I keep my butt in the chair. Usually not before!

      • techne

        i recently watched an interview with chuck close (perhaps it was an art:21 episode) in which he said: inspiration is for amateurs. in many ways, i couldn’t agree more. besides, don’t we possess myriad opportunities for inspiration? every day i find inspiration for new ideas, new pieces: other art, of course, but also conversations and the ideas they invoke, people’s stories, materials, books (i often use a random phrase as a generative device), music, films, nature (majestic and curious), textures, design…the world is full of things and ideas to bounce off of or grind against.

        • Joey O’Connor

          Inspiration is truly overrated. …I wish I could live ten lives…I have so many ideas I simply don’t have time to pursue, which is why the discipline of focus is so important. This life offers countless ways to engage…great ideas…love your line of thinking.

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