Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #3: As an artist, what does a good day look like?

Welcome to the Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #3.

[W]hat does a good day look like for you as an artist? I’m a writer, so most of my work is done creating by myself. I have good days and bad days with whatever I’m working on. So, I’m always curious what a good day looks like for other artists like you? I’m interested in the rhythm and flow of your day.  What is going on in your heart and mind? How are you interacting with the work you’re creating? How do you deal with creative challenges? What does the integration of your art, life & faith look like as you work on your craft?  Read on…


As an artist, what does a good day look like?

(Describe what has happened in your heart, mind, spirit, and the work itself. What has happened at your desk, in the studio, wherever you practice your art or the people you work with. How do you feel at the end of the day? )

I’d love your comments.


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  • Tracy True Hibsman

    A good day for me is when I have managed to balance creative work with family life. Some days it’s an adventure. 🙂 I also need to get out of the house a few days a week, so I go to a local coffee house or gallery to work on designing and writing.

  • Joey O’Connor

    Balancing the demands of art, creative work and family life can be challenging. When the kids are home for summer vacation, that’s when I often have to leave for the “quiet” of writing in anonymity of Starbucks!

    I love working at home, but you’re right, it presents a unique set of challenges.

  • Dolley Carlson

    A good day…When I’m focused I can write for 4-5 hours straight. It’s heaven! At the end of a day like that my heart and soul are singing, and I am praising our Lord for the gift of words and His guidance to story. All must be preceded with a time of adoration & devotion to our Lord, a good breakfast, tidying up this ‘n that, & exercise. Then I’m on my way to a “good day” of writing!

    • Joey O’Connor

      A good day writing or working in the studio is a bit of heaven on earth, isn’t it? We are made in God’s image and just as God saw his creations as “good” and “very good,” I’m sure he takes pleasure in us experiencing the joy of sharing our creations with Him and others. Thanks for sharing what a good day looks like for you, Dolley!

  • techne

    a good day is when something has moved forward (or sideways). when something [potentially] useful has been captured, explored, recorded, shared.

    • Joey O’Connor


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