Are You Waiting for a Door to Open?

[A]re you waiting for a door to open? Are you waiting for God to come through for you with a particular hope or dream in your heart? I know I’m waiting for several doors to open in different areas of my life. When I walked in Capo Beach Church on Easter Sunday a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Easter Theme was “Doors.” I have found that waiting on God is where does his deepest work and cultivation in my life. Read on…

old doorway

I’d like to share with you a few encouraging words about doors, waiting on God and grace. This was written by Peter John Courson, the teaching pastor at Capo Beach Church, who has had a particularly difficult challenge battling Crohn’s disease the past several months. Peter John shares keen insights on that heavy waiting period in the hallway as we wait for a new door to open. I think you’ll be encouraged by what he has to say…

Doors. For every one God closes, He opens another. So goes the modern proverb. While it may be true that God opens a new door for each old door that He closes, I have found that it is not so much the doors that He opens, nor even the ones He closes, that test my faith. In fact, it is not primarily the doors at all. It is the in-between times. It is the waiting period. It is the holding patten we find ourselves in as we see one door close, while waiting for another to open. In other words, the closed doors in our life may be disappointing, but in my experience it is the hallways that are hell (ironic since I am texting this from my hospital bed, waiting for test results).

Imagine what kind of thud that one ton circular stone would have made as it was rolled over the room that entombed the freshly crucified body of Jesus. Talk about a closed door! Yet, the Bible says that when the women came to the tomb that Sunday morning to further fragrance Jesus’ body for final burial, their worry turned to wonder as they realized that “the stone had already been rolled away.” See, they had no idea how they were going to deal with that closed door in order to reach the body of Jesus, but when they got to where they were going, they found their worry was all for naught. The tomb was empty, the body no longer in it, for Jesus had risen! And that closed door, the stone sealed by Rome that had seemingly sealed their fate (and Christ’s), it was already rolled away when they got there.

I don’t know what doors have recently slammed shut in your life. The stone that entombs some hope, dream, goal or source of joy echoes a resounding thud of disappointment. A doctor’s report, a court order, a Dear John letter. In the meantime, you are faith-ing, choosing to trust that another door will open in place of the one just shut. While in that “meantime”, you are in the hallway of waiting, wondering, and maybe worrying. Once you get to where you are going, the place of an open door, a fresh start, an answered prayer, you will find that it won’t be opened due to your ability to manipulate or achieve or make it happen. No, it will already be opened.

That, my friends, is Grace.

It will be God’s unearned, undeserved, unconditional, unconventional love and favor in your life that will transform your worry into wonder. (Click here if you’d like to Tweet this.)

It will blow your mind! Grace!!!! That is how the mountain will be moved (Zechariah 4:6-8).

Even now, from this hospital room, I am discovering that the hallway of waiting and wondering for reports, diagnosis and treatment for Crohns’ disease is where I see God’s grace.

Grace to see me through until the next door opens.

(Note: Thankfully, Peter John was released from the hospital right before Easter…a door was opened!)

Questions: What door had recently been closed or opened in your life? Are you waiting in the hallway? How do find God’s grace to be sufficient as you waitiing?

I’d love your comments and feedback.

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  • Frannie Cantor

    Hi, Joey, You seem to come up with feelings that touch the “HEART” your insight is remarkable. When I had mention to you a while back about my Neuropathy I was beside myself not knowing, and accept my condition. That is easyer said then done because I had to give up Driving, Choir, and my self independence by having a “HOME CARE” Soooooooo Alll my doors were close and could not see an open one. Thru the Grace of God. He has open many doors for me because of my “FAITH” in him to Embrace me with Acceptance and since then I been Happy with Family & Friends My adorable Children who are at my side daily.!! Started with my B-day, Wedding shower, my Daughter B-day, Now a Wedding that has help me get thru understanding that I will
    get thru this. With God by my side. My Life has had many troubles waters and I will
    make sure I get thru “COOL WATERS” Thanks Blessing to you!!! +

    • Joey O’Connor

      Thanks Frannie…your outlook and positive attitude are inspiring. I just read this morning in James 1 about the importance of perseverance. Yes, you will get through the challenges you are going through! Grace and peace to you my friend.

  • Jan V

    Hi Joey, It’s 7 months since I posted last – but I always value your encouragement to artists. My GP was thinking I could have had early Crohns disease. My autoimmune markers are now back to a perfect zero after removing mercury amalgams and root-canalled teeth (a total dental revision). I still need to take natural enzymes for digestion and a load of mineral supplements, vitamin B, a spoonful of mint flavoured cod liver oil and a lemon/vinegar/salt vitamin C energy drink, and whey powder (NOT whey isolate) and probiotics and a measured dose of fibre. But I have managed to steer clear of the usual meds by taking a nutritional analysis of my bloods, a dental revision and these supplements. I went thru Nutrition Diagnostics here in Australia – they do see a few international clients and it’s not a bad place to holiday. Maybe you could find someone local if you want to go that healing route. I am 12 months down the track and will be supplementing for at least another 18 months. not cheap but my head is clearer and other symptoms and blood markers are showing body systems are coming back into balance.

  • Jan V

    Joey – One more thing. I forgot to give God the Glory. I also had prayer from our local Healing Rooms just before the blood test that showed a perfect zero on my ANA blood test. I could really feel the anointing do something around my crown.

    I will be praying for your clean bill of health. We want you well for very selfish reasons. Bless you.

  • Hank the big black dog

    Just read this and again so GOOD! I personally dislike the old adage that says when God closes a door he will open another. There are lots of reasons why a door closes, it may not be God. Also sometimes God says, make a door, break down this wall this is where I want a door. Maybe I dislike the saying so much because it seems to be used a cliche when people do not know what else to say. But the waiting, that is where the rubber meets the road. Doors are exciting and a new opportunity, the waiting that is the hard place.