Are You Leaving All Outcomes to God?


In my desire, struggle and journey to cultivate a beautiful life, one of the most helpful things I’ve learned to bring me peace is this simple truth: Leave all outcomes to God. In our work, life and relationships, if we want peace, we need to let go of our illusions of control and leave all outcomes to God.

Thomas Merton, one of my favorite spiritual writers, drives home this point when he writes about work and play. Read on…

In a letter he wrote to a friend, Merton said this…

Do not push too hard with the work, God will take care of everything, and will give you strength to do all that needs to be done. The rest is in His hands. Realize yourself to be entirely in His love and his care and worry about nothing. In these days you should be carried by Him toward your destination, and do what you do more as play than as work, which does not mean that it is not serious: for the most serious thing in the life of a Christian is play. The seriousness of Christian play is the only genuine seriousness.

Did you get that?

The most serious thing in the life of a Christian is play?!

For the uptight, starched underwear, religious legalists, “play” is the domain of the shallow-minded, lukewarm Christian who cares nothing for God’s word, the defense of truth and obligation to duty.

Play and what Merton is getting at, is really something far deeper than religious duty. It is the posture and position of living in complete freedom as a beloved child of God.

Playful trust in our loving, generous Father, who knows all outcomes and holds all outcomes in the palm of His hand, is seriously far deeper than swimming in the shallow waters of control and pride-filled religiosity.

Take a playful approach to leaving all outcomes to God this coming week. You just might be surprised at what will happen.

Questions: What makes it difficult for you to leave all outcomes to God? How do you experience freedom in Christ when you leave all outcomes to Him?

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  • Nancy K

    Thanks, I needed this reminder today.

    • Joey O’Connor

      Glad to help Nancy…I needed to remind myself several times what I wrote yesterday!

  • Frannie Cantor

    Joey, For as long as I Can remember in my Life I have always put my Life In “GOD”S” Hands, because there where time I could not see be on my reasoning that I had to rely on My Lord to see me thru some very difficult times. He was always there for me and then I knew what my next choice would be and believe me it always at time not right but I did the best I could with my Faith in “HIM”

    • Joey O’Connor

      Thanks Frannie…yes, there is always a strong correlation between what we believe, our faith, and the choice to trust God. Thanks for sharing! You are always so encouraging!

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