Are You Cultivating Sweetness?


This past Saturday, I was picking oranges at The Grove. I was in a bit of a rush and eager to get home, so when I plucked a juicy one off the tree, an unexpected thing happened. The sweet, tangy smell wafted to my nose and immediately woke my senses. Wow, I thought. Sweet… as in sah-weet! Read on…

That aromatic moment caused me to slow down, take in the life bursting all around me and remind myself not to forget the sweetness right in front of my face.

And so, instead of rushing home, I slowed down and filled a crate of oranges.

Later that day when I arrived home, my daughter Ellie got to work with the juicer. And her camera.

After taking some time to transplant a bunch of plumerias (my favorite flower… another act of slowing down… talk about sweetness!), Ellie came on to the patio with two large jars of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

We sat down. Told funny jokes. Laughed out loud.

And drank deep from our glasses of liquid sweetness.

It all started with a sweet smell I almost missed.

As artists and creatives, we have a tremendous opportunity to bring fragrant sweetness to this world.

Look for sweetness today. Take time to smell the oranges. The aroma of sweetness is all around you.

Drink deep.

Cultivate sweetness and the smell around you will be irresistible.

Questions: How does living with a rushed and hurried pace of life cause you to miss the sweet things around you? How can you cultivate sweetness in your life this week?

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  • Jan V

    When I read this question last week I could only answer, “No, at the moment I am brewing a fester of bitterness.” How do I cultivate sweetness?

    A few days, a few evening walks around the block, a conversation with another and I come clean with myself. I have fear, underneath the bitterness. A few tears and a blessing of the other and it is easy to let go of bitterness.

    If only the world were perfect then, but the world does not revolve around me. Things go on imperfectly but I recollect how Jesus endured the bitter injustice of the cross to love the Father and bring about His perfect plan to bring mankind into His sweet Kingdom.

    Seems to me life is sweet when I live it in His sweet Kingdom with all the power I have to choose.

    • Joey O’Connor

      Jan, thanks for your honest reflection. Yes, fear does lie under a lot of the outer emotions like bitterness that bubbles up from time to time. I’ve had many a long walks similar to what you wrote. Sweet grace to you.