10 Steps for Filling Your Life with Wow & Wonder

My teenage boys are fans of the hit zombie TV show, Walking Dead. If you and I take a closer look today, we might say, “Wow, the walking dead are all around us.” People whose eyes are empty, devoid of the wow and wonder of life all around them. Completely zoned out to living a life of “Wow, look at that!” and “Hey, I wonder why…” How can you avoid living like a zombie? I have real steps, not zombie steps, that will help you cultivate a life of greater wow and wonder. Read on…


If you want to cultivate your life with a greater sense of awe, here are 10 Steps for Filling Your Life with Wow and Wonder.

  1. What is life-giving to you? Make a list. What creates wow and wonder in your life?
  2. Turn on the music. As I write I’m listening to one of my favorite soundtracks, The Last of the Mohicans. Awe-inspiring!
  3. Get outside! God’s creation is filled with all kinds of “Wow this!” and “Hey, I wonder about that” discoveries to be made.</li>
  4. Reread a favorite book. Yes, turn of the TV. Turn off the Walking Dead. Engage your mind.
  5. Visit an art gallery. Go to a place where the work of great artists is shown. Let that inspire your own creativity.
  6. Call an old friend. Just the other day, an wonderful old friend reached out to me. I’m calling him today.
  7. Take time to be quiet. Too much busyness can turn us in worker bee drones. Whatever it takes, find stillness in your life.
  8. For God’s sake…Laugh! Yes, for God’s sake (and yours), find something to laugh about! Rent a comedy. Tell a funny story!
  9. Encourage someone. Look for someone to say a kind word to. They will be wow’d!
  10. Share your wow and wonder with others. My daughter Ellie loves it when I say, “Wow! Ellie look at this!”

There is wow and wonder all around us.

If we only take the time to stop, look around, drop our mouth open and say, “Wow…”

The wow and wonder of life is waiting for you to show up today. Be fully alive.
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Do this and you’ll never be accused of being a zombie.

(If you know someone who wants to live a life of greater wow and wonder, you may want to forward this to them today. You just might zap a zombie!)

Questions: How do you avoid living life like a zombie? In what area of your life do you tend to zone out? What step can you take this week to put more wow and wonder in your life?

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